The Lillian

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‘The Lillian’ is a sophisticated lady covered in, The Brook.  Her print is inspired by J.H Pearle’s Tapestry and has been newly reworked by Morris and Co.  William Morris was fascinated by medievalism and regarded tapestry as the highest form of all the decorative arts and we think that Lillian wears it very well!  Her décor incorporates sumptuous greens and blues and is enhanced with charming deer’s and stags dotted around her frame.  The print continues on the top and both sides of this chest of drawers.

Lillian has two large and two smaller drawers, all with their gold key hole detail.  Lillian has six antique brass, floral pull handles and the interior of all drawers have been primed and painted with a matt black eggshell paint.

As with all of our pieces, Lillian is protected with layers of hard wearing sealant on her print so that she will remain perfect!

(Note-Due to the nature of vintage furniture, the front left panel of Lillian’s bottom drawer is not 100% straight (see photos).  We have restored this as best as we can by plaining the wood, sanding and adding furniture wax but this does mean that the drawer occasionally needs a little extra nudge to push in and out.  We feel that this only adds to Lillian’s unique charm!  Please contact us if you have any questions)

A limited set of matching Eccentric Leopard coasters are available for Lillian so go and snap them up now!

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