The Rhonda

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Introducing, ‘The Rhonda.’  Rhonda is a bit of a tiger!  Her two large glass panels reveal an incredible vintage Bengal Tiger print full of eye-catching oranges and greens.  Rhonda’s print will work amazingly as a backdrop for beloved ornaments or bottles of sparkly or she can simply be left alone as a striking feature in herself.  Rhonda would be a wonderful styling piece!  Rhonda has some decorative details that have been highlighted in gold leaf including the four original wooden handles on each door.  The two doors at the bottom open up to reveal opulent Versace and Lust prints that also frame her tiger image above.  Rhonda’s exterior has been primed and painted with a black eggshell paint and strips at the front are in gold.  Rhonda is definitely a unique piece!

As with all of our pieces, Rhonda is protected with layers of hard wearing sealant on her print so that she will remain perfect!  The Versace paper however does not need this sealant due to already having a strong, waterproof coating.

Rhonda would look amazing accessorised with an Eccentric Leopard matching Versace or Lust lampshade and would rock a set of matching coasters.  Go and have a look at our items or get in contact about us making you a set now!

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