The Patricia

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Meet ‘The Patricia.’  Patricia looks good and she knows it!  Effortlessly chic!  Covered in a stunning emerald print, she has flecks of gold hidden within some of her marbled diamond pattern.  These gold flecks works exquisitely to make the original gold handles shine!  Patricia has a 70’s retro feel about her but is dressed up in 1920’s art deco print and it’s the clash we’re all here for!  Patricia has one large drawer in the middle and six smaller ones at the sides.  The top right is lined with black velvet for jewellery.

Patricia also comes with a gorgeous statement rectangular mirror that can be tilted backwards.

As with all of our pieces, Patricia is protected with layers of hard wearing sealant on her print so that she remains perfect.

Patricia would look amazing accessorised with an Eccentric Leopard matching green diamond print lampshade or with a set of matching coasters.  Go and have a look at our items or get in contact about us making you a set now!

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44.5 cm
Height with Mirror:
Mirror Height:
Mirror Width:


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