The Pablo

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Pablo is a party boy and is hiding a very vibrant secret inside!

Pablo is covered in Archive Sanderson, Forbidden Fruit in Stoned Rose. The different shades of blues are mesmerising and quite exquisite.

Once Pablo’s doors are open you are hit with a vibrant flash of colour from a Timorous Beasties print called, Damask in red on pale pink.

His lush legs are painted in Frenchic ethical paints in Panther and Gorgeous Gold.

Pablo has two side cupboards which are great for storage and three spacious drawers. The top drawer is also lined with the red and pink Damask print.

Pablo is definitely one of a kind and super glamorous. He will demand attention in any room!

As with all of our pieces, Pablo is protected with layers of hard wearing sealant on his print so that he will remain perfect!


Why not accessorise Pablo with a fabulous matching Eccentric Leopard Lampshade or a set of matching coasters? Go and have a look at our items or get in contact about us making you a set now!

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