Bespoke, professionally transformed vintage and antique furniture to make a bold statement in your home

At The Eccentric Leopard, we want to create the perfect piece of furniture that you will love and treasure.

We pride ourselves on finding the most beautiful prints, patterns and images to make truly unique, stand out products that will bring any room to life.

Too much of a good thing is wonderful


Are you a maximalist and love a louder style with mixed patterns and saturated colours?

Do you enjoy a more minimalist approach and are just looking for that one striking piece?

The Eccentric Leopard provides for all!

Stunning vintage and antique furniture is a true passion of ours. The quality and craftsmanship means it was built to last and every article has its own wonderful story to tell.

If you can’t see that dream item in our shop, we can create one together with you through a commission. No one else in the WORLD will have the same piece of furniture as you- and that is pretty special in today’s mass-produced ‘fast fashion’ culture.

Buying vintage furniture is a great way to help our environment – less landfill! Not even a scrap of wallpaper is wasted at the Eccentric Leopard. Leftovers are used to make our additional products – available on the website.

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