We would not advise leaving anything wet on surfaces for long. No one likes pesky mug rings either so channel your inner Monica.

We apply plenty of layers of our special sealant on the surface of all decoupaged furniture to provide extra protection. To protect your new items even further, we sell coasters in our online shop and even provide ones to match any scheme you have chosen.

We would advise a microfiber cloth and a quick spritz of furniture polish to bring back that lustre.  We use high quality, hard wearing paints – which are wipe clean if any parts need an extra buff.

Absolutely! Whether you’ve got a Fabergé egg on show or your Grandpa’s old snuff box – the sealant creates a great protective barrier for the prints underneath.

All of our furniture should arrive to you in pristine condition. However, if whilst in your care a small child decides to draw all over it, peel it like a table shaped orange or any other damage, repairs would be made at an additional cost to you.

We will be happy to repair any damage – provided the print is still available. You would also need to organise the furniture’s journey to our studio and its return to you again.

We provide a range of photos, from all different angles on our website and social media account.  We also provide accurate measurements and descriptions about each piece. If you still require seeing an item  this is by appointment only so that we can get it ready for you to view.

Some images and wallpapers are protected by the artist.  To this end, we may be unable to use specific prints. Never fear- we will do our utmost to source one similar that you will love just as much.

This is different for each commissioned piece. If you want an item the size of King Louis XVI’s four poster bed it will take us longer to prepare than your aunt Gladys’ coffee table. Therefore the time scale will be dependent on the size of the piece. If you require us to source  a particular paper/print etc. it will also add to the processing time. We will of course keep you updated throughout and will aim to get our special item to you ASAP.

Each piece is priced accordingly to suit a tailor made service, therefore prices are non-negotiable. We pride ourselves on sourcing unique pieces of furniture, using high quality materials and spending time creating bespoke functional art.

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