The Roxanne


Introducing, ‘The Roxanne.’  Roxanne is a complete rock star and will transform any room!

She is covered in an incredible Emma Shipley coral pink, magenta and teal green lynx print.  The magical design is inspired by South American rock paintings and mythology.  Her enchanting design features a winged lynx with mystical peacock tails, surrounded by a starry night sky and surreal foliage and palms.

Roxanne’s rebellious print is juxtaposed with her elegant kidney shaped matt black frame and graceful gold swan neck and tear drop handles.  She has five drawers for great storage and the interiors and primed and painted in a stunning pink.

Roxanne’s look is completed with the addition of a stunning piece of glass that sits on her surface for extra protection and gives that additional layer of glamour!

As with all of our pieces, Roxanne is protected with layers of hard wearing sealant on her print so that she will remain perfect.

Why not accessorise Roxanne with an Eccentric Leopard matching lynx print lampshade or set of coasters?

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